Supervised Access

This service provides safe, secure and structured visits for children visiting a non-custodial parent or other significant adult(s) where there are concerns in regards to the safety of the children or the adults’ ability to provide appropriate parenting is in question. We provide complete visitation services to allow for independent, neutral observation and reporting on all activity during the visits.

Brayden’s Supervised Access services ensure that all the agreements and court directives are honoured and, at the same time, allow for a positive child/parent visit void of conflict and other parental issues.

Our visitation services are provided in home, in the community, and in other neutral settings. We also have a visitation centre, in the west end of the city of Toronto, which can be utilized for in-centre visits. The dates and times of our visitation services are flexible, to meet the needs of individual families, and services are offered seven days per week.

For supervised visitation services, we provide, upon request, observation reports that detail all child/parent activity that occurred during the visitation period. These reports are not assessments or evaluative in nature.


Brayden Supervisors have a university degree or college diploma in psychology, family studies, child and youth work, or related field. In addition they have been thoroughly screened through their references, and all have a current vulnerable persons police check. Further, they bring experience in working with families and children who are experiencing difficulties either due to mental health or developmental problems and/or in situations where the family conflict is significant.

Our Supervisors provide neutral, non-judgemental, safe and child-centred visits ensuring that all agreements and court directives are followed. The Service Director is able to respond to questions, concerns and emergencies, throughout all visit times, if they arise.

All services are on a fee-for-service basis.

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