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Brayden Supervision Services provides safe, successful, child focused parenting time where there are concerns for the physical safety or emotional well-being of the child. 

Brayden Supervision Services is an organization that provides specialized supervision services throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Welcome to Brayden Supervision Services. Our staff understands that this may be a challenging time for families who are seeking our services. Our Service Directors and Supervisors are committed to providing safe, successful, child-focused visits using a strengths-based, trauma informed approach that recognizes the unique needs of each family within the context of Supervised Parenting Time and Exchanges.

Parenting Time Supervision has a range of services to support children and their parents and or family members during the difficult time of separation and divorce. Keeping children safe is our top priority.

• Supervised Parenting Time 
• Virtual Parenting Time
• Supervised Exchanges
• Supportive Parenting
• Nurturing Parenting Program
• Specialized Supervision

All services are on a fee-for-service basis. 

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