Supervised Exchanges

This service provides exchanges where parents are not to have contact with each other and where there is agreed upon parenting time. This service is arranged to allow for swift timely exchanges in keeping with our principle that the child(rens) needs are paramount during times of parental conflict.

Exchanges are pre-arranged to take place in a variety of settings such as the custodial parents’ home, in the community at public appropriate sites, offices or our centres.


Brayden Supervisors have a university degree or college diploma in psychology, family studies, child and youth work, or related field. In addition they have been thoroughly screened through their references, and all have a current vulnerable persons police check. Further, they bring experience in working with families and children who are experiencing difficulties either due to mental health or developmental problems and/or in situations where the family conflict is significant.

Our Supervisors provide neutral, non-judgemental, safe and child-centred visits ensuring that all agreements and court directives are followed. The Service Director is able to respond to questions, concerns and emergencies, throughout all visit times, if they arise.

All services are on a fee-for-service basis. 

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